Archmagos Vladimir Alkaev


Archmagos Vladimir Alkaev is a stern headmaster, who insists upon accountability and order, even under the chaotic and unpredictable conditions of the Catacombs. A micro-manager to the extreme, many of the Lords who teach in Mithos’ magical university resent his oversight, though few have the audacity to question him.

  • Alkaev is widely known as the most powerful mage alive on Ouranos
  • Alkaev has been the headmaster of the Catacombs for a quarter of a century. Formerly a teacher, he disappeared within the Catacombs for a decade in pursuit of a fabled book of ancient Mithosian spells. No one knows whether or not Vladimir recovered the book, but he certainly emerged a much more powerful mage.

The characters met Archmagos Alkaev while sneaking through the Catacombs. While initially annoyed at the sight of four adventurers sneaking into his school, Alkaev allowed them to stay to allow them to find the teacher responsible for the kobold attacks.

Archmagos Vladimir Alkaev

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