Drunhold is one of the oldest cities on the planet still populated by intelligent people, and the largest city The city proper consists of a large fortress on the side of the Spine of Ouranos mountain range, and a deep, cavernous undercity. Drunhold is the pride of the Dwarves, whose clans go back for at least a millennium, but it is also has a large population of several other races.

The Forgefathers-

Drunhold is led by a council of the twelve oldest dwarves, collectively referred to as the Forgefathers. Pressure from other races for representation led the Forgefathers to appoint three non-dwarven elders. These three can be from any race, and are selected based on popular support among non-dwarves.


*Drunhold- Population: ~42000. Current High Forgefather: Breuner Heavyhammer (dwarf).


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