Goodholme and the Western Settlements

The settlements to the west of Marathos are collectively called the Western Settlements. Goodholme is the largest of these settlements, and holds the largest population of both halflings and gnomes. Far away from any major trade interests and seperated from the Northern Frontier by a range of mountains, Goodholme and the western settlements enjoy relative peace. While most “normal” halflings and gnomes are content with life in these settlements, an increasing number of youngfolk come to develop a yearning for something more, and strike off to the East in search of adventure. The cure for this horrible disease has yet to be discovered.

Important Villages in the Region-

The western settlements consist of a number of small villages, Goodholme being the largest.

  • Goodholme- Population: 1779:

Goodholme is a small, relaxed farming village that is home to memvbers of all races, but is primarily gnomish and halfling. The only town in the region where local merchants make a stop, Goodholme is where western settlers go to get their years worth of excitement from trading with foreigners.

  • World’s End- Population: 644:

The second largest settlement in the region, World’s End is the westernmost town on Ouranos.

Goodholme and the Western Settlements

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