The oldest city on Ouranos, Mithos was once the seat of a great empire. While its power is no longer significant, Mithos is still a major center of trade. This is largely due to the city’s high-percentage of magic users (nearly 12% of the city is capable of using magic), many of who are very capable craftsmen and inventors.

Old Mithos and the War of the Old Empires -

In the days of antiquity, some 11,000 years before the present day, Mithos was a great and mighty empire that dwarfed any of the current states in size, population, and military might, but wat really set the Empire of Mithos apart was its magical ability. So powerful was the family of mages that ruled over Mithos, that it was said that they could live indefinitely, walk among the stars, and cast spells that could fell armies with but a glance.

But all of that power was not enough to secure them victory when war broke out between Mithos and the neighboring empire of Ibis. The conflict known as the War of the Old Empires lasted a millenia, and left hundreds of millions dead. The war ended only when the Mithosian mages brought down their own god, Omnus, and used the power released through his death to destroy the Ibissian Empire.

Despite their victory, however, the Mithosian Empire was in no shape to continue on. The spell took the lives of most of the Mithosian mages and permanently sapped both the power and strength of those who managed to survive. Worse still, the war left hundreds of millions dead, and the few cities and towns not completely destroyed in battle were swept with plague after plague. The elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and other races; formerly subservient to man; abandoned their former masters, fearing that if they were to help the race of man, the same tragedy would befall Ouranos.

And thus came the Dark Age of Man.

Rebirth and Reformation -

For the next several millenia, Mithos survived as a place for human refugees to scrounge a meager existence in the shadow of their former glory. The elves, claiming to be the protectors of mankind, slaughtered any group that showed the potential to form any real civilizations. This changed, however, in 303 BCR. With a third attack by orc barbarians on the horizon, the elves, seeing no other option, decided to unleash humanity on the orc hordes. They rebuilt Mithos as their staging ground for the Armies of Man and reopened the Catacombs as a school for those who showed magical potential. Mithos, and the human race, was reborn.

After the Crusades of Alphonse Alexander, it was decided that the mages of the Catacombs would once again rule over Mithos. A legislative council made up of the school’s teachers would elect one leader to have full power over the city for a period of twelve years. Over the past few hundred years since the city’s rebirth, the Council of Mages have ruled over their city well, but fear of a repeat of past events have kept them from expanding the city beyond its ancient walls.

The Catacombs -

The Catacombs is the largest school for magic on Ouranos, and one of the most difficult to survive, let alone graduate. The school only accepts young male students who have undergone a rigorous evaluation. Those who are accepted are led into the Catacombs, a cavernous underground complex named for its seemingly endless series of tunnels. Many a curious student (and the occasional adventurer) has gotten lost, even killed, after wandering through the tunnels of the Catacombs.

Those who survive their first few days at the Catacombs face a decade of tutelage under the scrutiny of merciless teachers, who see nothing wrong in letting a student die in a test if they show carelessness or are unprepared to face the day’s lesson.

If a student does manage to make it to their tenth year, however, they are released into the outside world as powerful wizards and sorcerers, capable of some of the greatest feats of magic ever seen on Ouranos. Or at least, since the Fall of the Old Empires…


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